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Barista, what is Barista ?
Wikipedia said Barista is (from the Italian for "bartender") is a person, usually a coffee-house employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. The role of a barista is to have enough knowledge of the entire process of coffee to effectively prepare a desired cup of coffee. This knowledge includes the correct operation, maintenance and programming of the machine, grinding and tamping methods, extraction times, water temperature and quality, micro milk frothing, free pouring, latte art, roasting, coffee plant cultivation, drying methods, correct storage, renewable methods of disposal and recycling of the coffee and packaging used.

Since 2009, there is a Barista World Competition, The World Barista Championship (WBC) is the preeminent international coffee competition. The organization – founded by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and the Speciality Coffee Association of America focuses on promoting excellence in coffee, advancing the barista profession, and engaging a worldwide audience with an annual championship event that serves as the culmination of local and regional events around the globe.In 2011, World Barista Competition 2010 was held at London and next 2011 will be held at Bogota on June 2-5, The 2011 World Barista Championship will be taking place, for the first time, in a major coffee producing country, Colombia. The competition will be hosted by the Colombian Coffee Federation and Speciality Coffee Association of Colombia and held within the 4th Annual Expoespeciales Trade Show.
Expoespeciales is traditionally a show with a strong emphasis on coffee production and differences from various regions and appelations where coffee is grown. The next show in June, 2011 will have a much larger floor plan with a focus from the entire spectrum of specialty coffee.

Another competition for Barista is The Ultimate Barista Challenge. The Ultimate Barista Challenge® is an action packed competition where baristi, someone who professionally prepares coffee, compete in a dueling stage of identical espresso stations to shake, not stir, their espresso cocktails, to prepare beautiful caffe latte art, blend espresso frappe and brew the best they have. Each Barista has a tight 10 minutes to prepare drinks in each category and serve to a discerning professional tasting judges panel comprised of coffee specialists, trainers, food writers, chefs or sommeliers before a live audience to win the right to Challenge the reigning champion and in turn become "The Ultimate Barista".

To prepare excellent Barista for creating beautiful, tasty, original and the expand of coffee, nowadays there is a many coffee school around the world, hereby some of:

In Australia, Australia Coffee School, Australia 1st & best Barista Training School
in 1 day course, they guarantee :

* Each student will have their own machine and can make unlimited coffees
* Once you have completed levels 1 & 2 you may return to practise Free!
* Free Bonus – Coffee Art Book & Barista DVD valued at $50
* All students will receive a job referral
* All trainers have Cert IV in Training & Assesment TAA40104 or BSZ 40198
* Nationally Recognised Training Certificate
* SITHFAB012A Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee

Located in Brisbane, Sidney and Melbourne, Please visit their site clicking here ! Another one is The Sidney Coffee School
, The Sydney Coffee School team has over 50 years combined experience working within the coffee industry and all our exceptional teachers hold a 'Certificate IV' qualification in training and assessments. They use a nationally recognised training program and if you're seeking work their reputation speaks for itself. With hands on experience you will be trained to become a Barista and gather information to enable you to start applying for that job.Their Barista courses offer invaluable tips and advice to prepare you for work and how to continue and develop your new skills. Whether you have never used an espresso machine before, wish to team build, or perhaps refresh your skills with an accreditation, Their Barista courses are a great start and lots of fun

In America
,there is The American Barista & Coffee School [ABC's], claimed as the premier professional facility in the world for coffee business entrepreneurs who want to start up and operate a specialty coffee business, ABC's was the first in the history of the specialty coffee industry to offer a complete coffee business educational workshop combined with hands-on barista training. Since its inception in 2004, more than 700 entrepreneurs from 47 states and 40+ countries have attended ABC's programs. With the opening of an ABC’s affiliate in Beijing, China in August of 2009, ABC’s became the first U.S. coffee training facility to expand into the International arena.
Another one is Los Angeles Coffee Bussines School , with tag The Los Angeles Coffee Business School is the ONLY Specialty Coffee school that can provide you with the important BUSINESS information, insights, and strategies you'll need, to succeed in your new coffee business they really ready and organize well in educate Barista.

In London, london school of coffee The London School of Coffee was established in 2004 to offer independent Training and Education for coffee enthusiasts and professionals.They offer a range of Barista courses including a recognised City and Guilds qualification, Roasting courses, cupping courses and a two day course in how to start your own coffee shop. As well as highly skilled trainers we also have experienced consultants who are available to work with new and established businesses.

In New Zealand
, there is The Espresso Coffee School, they serve The Professional Barista Course
with the ability to produce high quality espresso coffee beverages consistently are sought after by top caf├ęs around the world.


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