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Benefit of Coffee

Coffee, a favorite beverage in the world turned out to give a lot of benefit to the body. What Was It?

1. Diabetes
According to researchers at Harvard, consuming six or more cups of coffee per day may reduce the risk of diabetes. 54% for men, and 30% for women.

Another new study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology indicates consumption of four cups or more per day on the elderly have type 2 diabetes risk was lower than that rarely consume coffee.

Because in addition to caffeine, coffee also contains antioxidants, and minerals that increase insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism.

2. Colon cancer, HCC, and Liver Cirrhosis
Two cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of colon cancer as much as 25%, and cirrhosis of the liver by 80%. Antoksidan contained in coffee could help protect cells from free radicals that are often linked to cancer and degenerative brain disorders.

Dr. Francesca Bravi from Italy found that coffee drinkers enjoy a 41% reduction in risk of HCC (hepatocellular Carcinoma) or liver cancer, compared with those who never consumed coffee.

3. Gallstone
Coffee improve bile flow and prevent crystallization of bile. Two cups a day may reduce the risk of gallstones by 50%.

4. Heart
Peminumnya coffee can also protect from heart attacks. Research conducted at Harvard showed that women consuming five cups or more each week can decrease the risk of heart attack by 32% compared with women who consumed less than four cups per week.

5. Smoker

Coffee can also reduce the negative effects of cigarettes and alcohol.

6. Headache
One dose of antidote sick Containing 120 milligrams of caffeine, the same as the number found in a cup of coffee. Caffeine is added to the antidote because it can increase the absorption of pain in the improvement of pain relieving effects. Caffeine also restrict the blood vessels to the head enlargement, which can cause migrants.

7. Broken tooth
Components that give coffee flavor, and taste bitter, namely Trigonelline, Italian researchers have recognized the anti bakeries substances and anti-adhesive menceah cavities.

8. Stamina
Caffeine gives signals to the brain and nervous system to do things differently. Research shows two cups of coffee could build stamina.

9. Drowsiness
You can consume coffee to increase alertness without making you have trouble sleeping afterward. But there are also some people who react to sleep a little better than drinking coffee.

10. Constipation
Coffee tends to speed up the process of emptying of the stomach so that problems can be overcome constipation.

Although coffee has many benefits, known coffee can increase anxiety. Dose that is too much consumption can not be acceptable to everyone. In addition, high levels of acidity coffee can stimulate spending excessive stomach acid.

So, while rest and enjoy a few minutes rest accompany with a cup of coffee ...

International and Local Frachise Coffee Shop

For those investors who are interested to invest in the sweetness of the coffee shop business. No need to worry, there are many opportunities for you to realize it. Because, there are many business opportunities coffee shops that offer both forms of cooperation in the form of franchising or joint venture.

Here are a few types of businesses that offer coffee shop franchise partnership:

International Franchise Coffee Shop :
1. Coffee Beann and Tea Leaf
2. Gloria Coffee Jeans
3. Black Canyon Coffee

Local Franchise Coffee Shop
1. Excelso
2. Semerbak Coffee
2. Misterblek
3. coffeetoffee

Coffee Glosarry


Acid, Acidly, Acidity
A main sensory characteristic of the coffee in cup (with aroma, body and flavor), related to pH. Light roasted beans bring more acidity
The coffee fragrance that lingers in your mouth after coffee is swallowed
Espresso beverage made with double-quantity water
The most widely cultivated type of coffee bean that grows at high altitudes (2,000 to 6,000 feet above sea level) At the same time it is superior to the other major coffee type, Robusta.
Fragrance, a main sensory characteristic of hot, freshly brewed coffee


The description of a coffee cup in which no characteristic overcomes the others. It is the combination which is pleasant and interesting
The Italian name given to skilled, experienced espresso machine operators
Blade Grinder (Mill)
An appliance that grinds coffee beans through the action of a sharp blade
The operation of mixing two or more single-origin coffees
A main sensory characteristic of the brewed coffee> It refers to the sensation of heaviness and thickness when you 'chew' the coffee.
The process of coffee making. Pouring hot water through a bed of ground coffee
Brew Group
The area of an espresso machine containing the grouphead, the portafilter and the filter baskets
Burr Grinder
A coffee grinder made of two metallic discs --”” one stationary, one rotating --”” which provides even grinding without burning the coffee


Caffé Latte
One shot of espresso enriched with three times the quantity of plain or steamed milk
Caffé Mocha
Caffé Latte with chocolate, caramel or other aromatic syrups
A mildly stimulating substance found in coffee and several varieties of tea
The drink of thirds: One-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third frothed milk
Cinnamon Roast
Also known as Light Roast or New England Roast, Cinnamon Roast provides a cup that is more sour and acid in taste
City Roast
Also known as Light French, Viennese or Full City Roast, City Roast is considered to be the regular roast type, but lighter than espresso roast
Coffee Bed
The ground coffee that is prepared for brewing by portioning, tamping or packing
Colombia Coffee
Wet processed coffee collected from small producers, milled and exported all over the world by Colombian Coffee Federation. It sells by grade (Supremo is the highest) or by botanical variety Bourbon is the best).
Continental Roast
Also known as Espresso, European or After-Dinner Roast
The dark, golden-brown, thick foam that covers the surface of espresso. A sign of well brewed espresso


Dark French Roast
A type of roast that is almost black in color and tastes bittersweet in the cup
Decaffeinated; Decaff
Coffee free of caffeine. The decaffeination process is applied during the green stage of the coffee bean
The process of releasing gas (CO2)by fresh roasted beans. As long as CO2 release continues, the coffee bean is protected from oxygen action, or stalling.
Half a cup, or a three-ounce cup
Dispersion Screen
A component of the brew group in the espresso machine. It has the appearance of a very fine, round-shaped, metallic riddle.
A double espresso
Dry processing
The method by which the coffee fruit is removed from the beans without using water
Drip Tray
A tray that sits under the brew group of the espresso machine, and collects the drips resulted in the brewing process


A brewing process in which water (1.5 oz.), heated to approximately 200F, is pushed through 7 grams of hard packed coffee bed, with the force of 9-10 bars
European Roast
Also known as Continental, Espresso or After-Dinner roast
The diffusion of flavors, caffeine, oils, colloids and other compounds found in ground coffee, into hot water, in the brewing process


A main sensory characteristic of the coffee in cup (with aroma, body and acidity)
Describes the scent of dry, ground coffee before it is brewed
An appliance used to create foam in coffee or milk
Frothing Pitcher
A twelve-ounce (or larger) pot in which milk is frothed to make cappuccino
Full-City Roast
Also known as Light French, Viennese, Light Espresso, City Roast or High Roast


Green Coffee
Unroasted coffee beans
An appliance that grinds the coffee beans
That part of the brewing group that connects the portafilter with the dispersion screen


Heavy Roast
Also known as French Roast or Spanish Roast, tasting bittersweet to burned
High-Grown Coffee
Coffe of Arabica provenance, grown at an altitude of over 2,000 feet
Heat Exchanger
A device with a knob that allows the user of an espresso machine to switch from “brewing mode”? to “steaming mode”?
That part of the coffee grinder that holds the beans
The case, or the shell of the espresso machine


Italian Roast
A dark roast that tastes bittersweet and smells nearly burned


Knock Box
A bin or tray where the coffee grounds are dispensed


Also known as Caffe Latte, an espresso enriched with steamed milk (1/3 ratio)
Lever Espresso Machines
The first espresso machines in which water pressure was created by pushing a lever manually
A type of espresso
Light Espresso Roast
Also known as Light French, Vienna, City, Full-City or High


Espresso enriched with a small quantity of frothed, hot milk
Grinder, a definition used for blade grinders or manual grinders, for example Turkish mills or pepper mills
Moka Pot
A stove-top coffee maker. Moka (or mocha, mocca, moca)is also a single-origin coffee from Yemen


A process that occurs when coffee is left in contact with the grounds after the brewing process has ended
Organic Coffee
Coffee grown without using pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. The coffee has to be certified by a third-authorized party as “organic”?


A device used to make coffee by making the boiling, steaming water go through the coffee bed, several times
Another name for the manual espresso machine. The barista has to operate it himself, by pushing a lever, in order to force the water through the coffee grounds.
A pre-packed, pre-tamped portion of ground coffee
That part of the brew head where the coffee is put
A device which, on some espresso machines, replaces the thermostat, maintaining the temperature inside the boiler
Professional espresso machines manufactured for the home-user
Shot. A memory of manually operated espresso machines
The device that delivers the water pressure


Recovery Time
The amount of time the espresso machine needs to brew again, after the previous shot
Double-dose espresso, which uses 14 grams of ground coffee with 1,5 oz. water
Another name for 'body'
The other major type of coffee besides Arabica. Robusta is inferior in quality, poorer in flavors and richer in caffeine


Semi-dry processed coffee
The method of processing coffee in which skin is removed from the coffee fruits and then is allowed to dry naturally
The term that describes the brewing process for espresso
Semi-automatic espresso machine
An espresso machine that leaves the brewing time to the user
Single-origin coffee
Unblended coffee
The damaging action of O2 over the roasted coffee
Steam Wand
An external pipe on espresso machines that steams milk, provides hot water and heats the cups
Super-automatic Espresso Machines
Espresso machines which fulfill other functions, which, on previous types of machines, were left to the user


Tamp; Tamper; Tamping
The action of hard-packing a portion of ground coffee, to prepare it for brewing espresso. The tamper is a metallic knob used to carry out this activity
On some espresso machines, the usual heating system is assisted by thermoblocks, to reduce the waiting times
The device that maintains the water temperature in the boiler of an espresso machine


A coffee which did not maintain contact with the ground coffee long enough. Weak coffee


Water Softener
An advanced filtering system
Wet Processed Coffee
Also known as washed coffee, wet processed coffee derives from the process of removing the fruity part from the coffee beans by wet methods
A bean that has been roasted but not ground


A single-origin coffee, the Yemen is the world's oldest cultivated coffee.


Barista, what is Barista ?
Wikipedia said Barista is (from the Italian for "bartender") is a person, usually a coffee-house employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. The role of a barista is to have enough knowledge of the entire process of coffee to effectively prepare a desired cup of coffee. This knowledge includes the correct operation, maintenance and programming of the machine, grinding and tamping methods, extraction times, water temperature and quality, micro milk frothing, free pouring, latte art, roasting, coffee plant cultivation, drying methods, correct storage, renewable methods of disposal and recycling of the coffee and packaging used.

Since 2009, there is a Barista World Competition, The World Barista Championship (WBC) is the preeminent international coffee competition. The organization – founded by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and the Speciality Coffee Association of America focuses on promoting excellence in coffee, advancing the barista profession, and engaging a worldwide audience with an annual championship event that serves as the culmination of local and regional events around the globe.In 2011, World Barista Competition 2010 was held at London and next 2011 will be held at Bogota on June 2-5, The 2011 World Barista Championship will be taking place, for the first time, in a major coffee producing country, Colombia. The competition will be hosted by the Colombian Coffee Federation and Speciality Coffee Association of Colombia and held within the 4th Annual Expoespeciales Trade Show.
Expoespeciales is traditionally a show with a strong emphasis on coffee production and differences from various regions and appelations where coffee is grown. The next show in June, 2011 will have a much larger floor plan with a focus from the entire spectrum of specialty coffee.

Another competition for Barista is The Ultimate Barista Challenge. The Ultimate Barista Challenge® is an action packed competition where baristi, someone who professionally prepares coffee, compete in a dueling stage of identical espresso stations to shake, not stir, their espresso cocktails, to prepare beautiful caffe latte art, blend espresso frappe and brew the best they have. Each Barista has a tight 10 minutes to prepare drinks in each category and serve to a discerning professional tasting judges panel comprised of coffee specialists, trainers, food writers, chefs or sommeliers before a live audience to win the right to Challenge the reigning champion and in turn become "The Ultimate Barista".

To prepare excellent Barista for creating beautiful, tasty, original and the expand of coffee, nowadays there is a many coffee school around the world, hereby some of:

In Australia, Australia Coffee School, Australia 1st & best Barista Training School
in 1 day course, they guarantee :

* Each student will have their own machine and can make unlimited coffees
* Once you have completed levels 1 & 2 you may return to practise Free!
* Free Bonus – Coffee Art Book & Barista DVD valued at $50
* All students will receive a job referral
* All trainers have Cert IV in Training & Assesment TAA40104 or BSZ 40198
* Nationally Recognised Training Certificate
* SITHFAB012A Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee

Located in Brisbane, Sidney and Melbourne, Please visit their site clicking here ! Another one is The Sidney Coffee School
, The Sydney Coffee School team has over 50 years combined experience working within the coffee industry and all our exceptional teachers hold a 'Certificate IV' qualification in training and assessments. They use a nationally recognised training program and if you're seeking work their reputation speaks for itself. With hands on experience you will be trained to become a Barista and gather information to enable you to start applying for that job.Their Barista courses offer invaluable tips and advice to prepare you for work and how to continue and develop your new skills. Whether you have never used an espresso machine before, wish to team build, or perhaps refresh your skills with an accreditation, Their Barista courses are a great start and lots of fun

In America
,there is The American Barista & Coffee School [ABC's], claimed as the premier professional facility in the world for coffee business entrepreneurs who want to start up and operate a specialty coffee business, ABC's was the first in the history of the specialty coffee industry to offer a complete coffee business educational workshop combined with hands-on barista training. Since its inception in 2004, more than 700 entrepreneurs from 47 states and 40+ countries have attended ABC's programs. With the opening of an ABC’s affiliate in Beijing, China in August of 2009, ABC’s became the first U.S. coffee training facility to expand into the International arena.
Another one is Los Angeles Coffee Bussines School , with tag The Los Angeles Coffee Business School is the ONLY Specialty Coffee school that can provide you with the important BUSINESS information, insights, and strategies you'll need, to succeed in your new coffee business they really ready and organize well in educate Barista.

In London, london school of coffee The London School of Coffee was established in 2004 to offer independent Training and Education for coffee enthusiasts and professionals.They offer a range of Barista courses including a recognised City and Guilds qualification, Roasting courses, cupping courses and a two day course in how to start your own coffee shop. As well as highly skilled trainers we also have experienced consultants who are available to work with new and established businesses.

In New Zealand
, there is The Espresso Coffee School, they serve The Professional Barista Course
with the ability to produce high quality espresso coffee beverages consistently are sought after by top cafés around the world.

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This site so cool, hereby some of the art coffee :

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Costarica Coffee Art, Check this Out ! really recommended, its truly combine painting and coffee, and I am curious too, how he combine :) Pure 100% Ground Coffee Images that You Can Drink ! , here you can find much information about coffee art, review, coffee machine and Latte Art Examples by CoffeeGeeks

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